Frequently Asked Questions

Claims Submissions

How quickly do you submit my claims after I send them (fax, email or mail) to you?
Billing customers are assigned a “billing day”. Your claims are submitted on the same day every week.

How long does it take for me to get paid?
The average processing time of a clean claim is 21-45 business days.

How will I know if I have gotten paid on a claim that Health Assets submits for me?
We supply ERA’s (Electronic Remittance Advices) with the details of each payment. We can also run reports, if needed, to show claims that have been paid.

Does Health Assets follow up to be sure my claims are paid?
Two follow ups are included in the claim submission price. Claims that are not paid in 30 business days fall into a safety net program and will be followed up on. We will appeal any claims that deny in error.

What is the basic patient information I need to send in order for a claim to be submitted?
Basic patient information needed in order to submit a claim includes:

  • Patient’s full name
  • Patient’s date of birth
  • Patient’s address
  • Patient’s Insurance and ID number
  • Policy holder’s name and date of birth if it is different than the patient
  • Patient’s diagnosis code
  • Patient’s gender
  • CPT codes you expect to use for this patient

Why should I report to you what my patient pays me directly?
Heath Assets keeps records of everything you send us, including this information. We can give you a full income accounting if, and when, you need it. We strongly encourage you to report your patient payments to us . This will help with accurate patient accounting. If the payments are not included, your income reports will not be accurate. As an in-network provider, you are also obligated to collect such copays and deductibles from your patients. Patients statements are available upon request.

Do you charge extra if my patient’s claim has to go to 2 or more insurance payers?
No, there is no extra fee for submission to additional insurances that a patient may have. Health Assets will send your claims to all payers for one price.

Is there an extra charge if the payer requires the claim to be submitted on paper?
No, there is no extra charge for insurances that require paper submissions. We will do whatever is needed for the proper submission of any claim for the same claim submission price.