Meet The Behavioral Health Credentialing Specialists

Credentialing is an essential part of our business.
Don’t trust it to anyone less than an expert.

We have the necessary specialized industry knowledge.
So we know more about credentialing behavioral health providers than anyone.

Our world is your world. While many healthcare service companies support behavioral health organizations as only one on a list of many other healthcare categories, SimiTree focuses solely on businesses like yours.
And while many resources provide generalized services that just happen to include credentialing, our SimiTrees credentialing team are industry-leading experts in behavioral health credentialing services.
That focus and our experience can mean the difference between a smooth, trusted process rather than uncertainty and risk.



You focus on what you do best … and we’ll do the rest.

We take care of every aspect of behavioral health insurance credentialing, so you can provide the best standard of care and enhance the patient experience.

Working exclusively with behavioral health practices, SimiTree Behavioral Health has the specialized industry knowledge to help behavioral health practices grow and succeed.

Our SimiTree Behavioral Health credentialing team’s specialty focus equips us to outperform ordinary, general service resources to prevail as the behavioral health credentialing company of choice.

When working with SimiTree Behavioral Health you will be assigned a dedicated behavioral health credentialing specialist who will work directly with you on all your credentialing needs. This gives you the ease of having one point of contact.

Account Set-Up includes the collection of required documents, a review of your CAQH, NPPES profile, State license, PECOS (Medicare, if applicable), and participating in network contracts to confirm all information is correct and up to date.

Our mental health credentialing experts:

  • Complete new applications and re-credentialing applications 
  • Create your CAQH profile and maintain it
  • File and document maintenance
  • Complete demographic updates with your contracted payers
  • EFT Enrollments for direct deposit payments
  • Medicare and Medicaid Revalidations
  • TIN Conversion, changing to new TIN#
  • Removal from contracted payers panels
  • Obtain NPI



What makes SimiTree Behavioral Health your preferred behavioral health credentialing choice?


We stick to what we know.

We do not dilute our company’s knowledge or efforts by attempting to manage practices or bill claims outside of our specialty area — Mental Health. This allows us to offer the best overall service for our current customer base of satisfied Psychologists, LCSWs, Psychiatric MDs/NPs, and LMHCs, as well as group practices and mental health clinics.

We intimately understand our providers’ clinical resources.

Our founder and current clinical advisor has been in successful private practice for over 30 years, and was a pioneer in Managed Mental Health Care. She actually introduced many NY Mental Health providers to the concept of Managed Care. She has presented to industry and professional organizations on managed behavioral health, primary care medicine/behavioral health integration, wellness, disease state management, and other topics regarding mental health and the business of mental health. She is available to our staff and our providers to discuss the nuances of practice in a Managed Care environment in NY State.

We support your professional associations.

Health Assets is a proud supporter of New York State branches of your professional organizations such as: NYSPA, NASW, and NYMHCA. We work very closely with these, and other professional organizations. 

We have the connections.

We have made great credentialing contacts with most insurance companies and payers over the years. When we talk, the insurance companies listen.

We make sure you are in compliance with current HIPAA regulations.

We adhere very strictly to the HIPAA/HITECH mandates, pertaining to the protected information that you are communicating to us. If you sign on with Health Assets Management and our mental health credentialing services, you are immediately given access to our secure email portal at no extra cost to you. This email encryption system assures that any information which is emailed to us is safe (be it yours or your patients’). The system is password protected and as easy to use as the email system that you are currently using.

We are available exactly when you need us.

Health Assets Management’s normal business hours are 8:30 a.m.-5:00 p.m., Monday through Friday. Our credentialing team is happy to work with your busy schedule and can accommodate meeting times outside of our regular operating hours.

Behavioral Health Credentialing Frequently Asked Questions


What is a CAQH profile?

CAQH, short for Council for Affordable Quality Healthcare, allows insurance companies to use a single, uniform application for credentialing. It is also utilized by insurance companies as a form of information verification. Almost all health plans require practitioners to complete and attest their CAQH profile before submitting their application.

How long does it take to get credentialed with a health plan?

Credentialing can take anywhere from 90-120 days.

Can I be contracted with Managed Medicaid Plans without being a Medicaid provider?

No, you must have a Medicaid number to become a contracted provider with the Medicaid managed plans. Some insurance companies have exceptions for providers who are unable to become a Medicaid provider (i.e., LMHCs).

What is an ETIN?

An ETIN is the electronic billing certification required by NYS Medicaid to submit claims electronically. These forms need to be notarized and the original copies are sent to Medicaid. They do not accept scanned documents or electronic signatures. ETINs need to be recertified annually.

How often does CAQH need to be attested?

Every 120 days. You will receive a request from CAQH to attest that all the information in your profile is up to date and accurate.

Do I need malpractice insurance?

Every provider must carry a Professional liability insurance with minimum limits between $1,000,000–$3,000,000.

What is an EIN letter?

A letter provided to you by the IRS. An Employer Identification Number (EIN) is also known as a Federal Tax Identification Number and is used to identify a business entity. The EIN is utilized in place of a provider’s Social Security Number when contracting with insurance plans and submitting claims. EINs can be assigned to a sole proprietor or a group practice.

What is an EFT?

EFT (Electronic Funds Transfer) is the preferred method of payment for health plans. With EFT enrollments, health plans can send payments directly to a provider’s financial institution (direct deposit).

What is an out-of-network profile?

An out-of-network profile ensures that your billing and practice information is on file with the health plans if you submit claims to health plans that you are not contracted with. If you do not have an out-of-network profile, it can lead to a delay in claims payment.

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